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Dinoville Adventures: METEOR MADNESS
A half hour 3-D animated adventure starring the Dino Kids! VHS and DVD


Produced and created by:
BrownBoots Interactive, Inc.
303 East Ninth Street
Fond du Lac, WI 54935
Phone: (920) 906-9175

BrownBoots Interactive, Inc.-a Fond du Lac, WI based new-media agency offering cutting edge Website development, 3D animation, CD-ROM or digital business card production, QuickTime virtual reality tours and traditional print advertisement.

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To be released in July 2004


Produced in Fond du Lac, WI with creative and audio collaboration from Los Angeles, CA to Charlotte, NC to Orlando, FL. See biographies for more info.

Movie Plot:

Three young dinosaurs discover that long-exiled evil Dr. Enos is planning on destroying Dinoville by re-directing a meteor using his recently invented super-powered electro-magnets. The three kids, CJ, Tommy, and Amanda, jump into action and, along with the help of the good-natured, wheel-chair-bound Professor Liddle, foil the evil plans and save the day.

Movie Characters:

All of the dinosaurs in the Dinoville Adventures movie are based on real dinosaurs.

The Dino Kids:

CJ-the leader of the group; strong and athletic; all around fun-loving guy; outgoing; adventurous and very competitive; hates to lose and will take on any challenge.
--Pachycephalosaurus: had a thick roof on its skull giving it an almost human looking head. The thick head lent itself to CJ's personality and serves as a type of buffer for his friendly and competitive aggression.

Tommy-all around fun-loving guy; friendly; usually doesn't back down from a challenge, but usually loses.
--Stegosaurus: was a large dinosaur, close to the size of an elephant, yet its brain was no bigger that a golf ball. It was a plant eater and wouldn't hurt a living creature, just like Tommy.

Amanda-the brains of the bunch; intelligent; cautious and safe; always tries to do the right thing regardless of circumstance.
--Parasaurolophus: had a very distinctive looking head. It was chosen because its head shape appears to give an intelligent look, yet there is a play on its keen eyesight because of the glasses Amanda wears.

Other Main Characters:

Mayor Spatz-a courteous politician everyone loves; well-spoken; very accident prone.
--Homalocephale: had a small, flat-headed pachycephalosaur. It was an herbivore that had bony knobs on its skull. It also had a stiffened tail, to help keep it balanced when it walked, lending itself nicely to the kind, but bumbling, mayor.

Dr. Enos-the evil scientist; evil and twisted; feels the world is against him and revenge is his only recourse; confident and cocky to a fault.
--Albertosaurus: a relative of Tyrannosaurus rex; the Albertosaurus was smaller than T. rex and lived a few million years earlier. Its long tail provided balance and quick turning. It had powerful back legs with clawed, three-toed feet and two-fingered hands on short arms. Albertosaurus walked on two legs and had a large head with sharp, saw-toothed teeth creating a evil look fitting to an evil scientist.

Professor Liddle-the good scientist; has taken on a sort of grandmother quality for the Dino Kids; very smart; quick witted and proper.
--Triceratops: one of the first dinosaurs to be discovered and last to become extinct. It also had large eyes and a large brain; all characteristics that would be fitting to the smart and grandmotherly Prof. Liddle.

Mumps, the Evil Henchman-just plain dumb; clumsy and slow; easily distracted; doesn't know why he does the things he does.
--Euoplocephalus: a heavily armored dinosaur that was a known fighter, this dinosaur lends itself nicely to the personality of an evil henchman. Like Mumps, it was an extremely large dinosaur that appeared clumsy and slow, however in contrast it was really quite agile.


Dinoville Adventures: METEOR MADNESS has generated world-wide interest in twenty-five countries including:
United StatesCanadaUnited KingdomNetherlands
BelgiumAustriaNew ZealandFinland
Croatia JapanMexicoRomania
BrazilHungaryCzech RepublicTurkey

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