September 10, 2003
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DINOVILLE Adventures in Fond du Lac?

FOND DU LAC, Wis.--Dinosaurs are on the move in Fond du Lac where a 3-D animated movie series titled Dinoville Adventures: METEOR MADNESS is being made. The Dino Kids, Tommy, CJ and Amanda, are taking charge and on their way to stardom and fame!

"Movie-making doesn't happen everyday in Fond du Lac, so we're very excited about this project!" says Alan Hathaway, President/Owner of BrownBoots Interactive.

The 1/2 hour action-packed children's movie is a collaboration of efforts of individuals from across the country from Los Angeles, CA to Charlotte, NC and Fond du Lac, WI to Orlando, FL. The movie features dinosaurs with distinctively human qualities; it will be released on DVD and VHS in July of 2004. Children and adults both have a fascination with dinosaurs, so when tossing around the idea of moving into the realm of children's entertainment, the creators felt it was a natural fit.

METEOR MADNESS has generated world-wide interest in twenty-five countries, some of which include Germany, Italy, New Zealand, Brazil, China and others.

"The process of creating, developing and marketing this movie encompasses everything we love to do. In addition, we feel it's a good time to come out with something new, fresh and exciting in children's 3-D animation entertainment," says Tim Bowser, Director of Animation & Technical Director.

The basic plot centers on three young dinosaurs who discover that long-exiled evil Dr. Enos is planning on destroying Dinoville by re-directing a meteor using his recently invented super-powered electro-magnets. The three kids, CJ, Tommy, and Amanda, jump into action and, along with the help of the good-natured, wheel-chair-bound Professor Liddle, foil the evil plans and save the day. Like Veggie Tales or Monster's Inc., the movie will appeal to children and adults alike. There are plans to make additional Dino Adventures episodes.

Involved in the making of Dino Adventures: METEOR MADNESS are 14 individuals from around the country. Key individuals include:

  • Alan Hathaway, Fond du Lac, WI
    • Producer, copywriter and creative director
    • Owner/president, BrownBoots Interactive, Inc.
  • Tim Bowser, Fond du Lac, WI
    • Director of Animation & Technical Director
    • Animator/Multi-media Developer, BrownBoots Interactive, Inc.
  • Chris Ayers, Los Angeles, CA
    • Character Designer & Concept Artist
    • Worked on the movies: "Men in Black" and "Austin Powers II"
    • Freelance/Contract
  • Chris Loughlin, Charlotte, NC
    • Recording Engineer/Sound Technician
    • Grammy nominated
    • Freelance/Contract
  • Carlos Breban, Casselberry, FL
    • Character Modeler
    • Chief Modeler/Technical Director, Santa Monica Studios Orlando, Celebration Florida, 2002
    • Computer Character Design and Lab Instructor at Full Sail Real World Education in Winter Park, Fl.
  • Ryan Watson, Orlando, FL
    • Lead Animator
    • Freelance/Contract
  • Sarah Congdon, Fond du Lac, WI
    • Graphic Designer, Marketing and Talent Scout
    • Graphic Designer, BrownBoots Interactive, Inc.

The movie-makers began working on METEOR MADNESS in January and concepting began last fall.

"The quality of our art work and the story sets us apart from others," Bowser said.

The movie is taking shape and is on schedule. The storyline is complete, sound track is complete, personalities are developed, characters are modeled and the animation process is well underway.

"Artists graduating from here and moving to either the east or west coasts are bringing their talents back home to generate unsurpassed quality work in their fields," Hathaway said. "You don't always need to leave here to shoot for the moon. This project is exciting, and we're expecting only big things to happen!"

Sneak peaks of the Dino movie can be seen at!

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Local Talent for the Movie Includes the Voices of:

C.J.Joe Phillips of Fond du Lac, WI
TommyNick Matysik of Fond du Lac, WI
AmandaAmanda Elliott of Columbus, WI
Mayor Spatz and MumpsJohn Kraft of Juneau, WI
Professor LiddleSharon Donovan of Fond du Lac, WI
Dr. EnosDave Elliot of Columbus, WI


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